Why Waste Like Gypsum is Crushed

There are many things to learn about the sorting and the usage of crushed gypsum.

However, those with limited knowledge of this process can understand just how helpful crushed gypsum is for many industries.


How Does the Process Work/How is the Process?

Used gypsum arrives from construction sites and factories. It consists of drywall material, plasterboard products, plaster cut-offs, and molds.

It is dumped on a floor and sorted into usable gypsum. Unusable items attached to the gypsum, such as metal, plastic, and other debris, are disposed of or put aside for recycling.

The raw gypsum is put on a conveyor belt to further sort small fragments, which can affect the final recycled product.

Electromagnetic equipment is used for this. The paper lining is also taken off the gypsum. The recycled gypsum goes to a manufacturer.

They blend it with gypsum to make new products. Other unused items used in the process are recycled or refused.

What are the Materials Used For?

Crushed gypsum has many uses and is a versatile product to prevent moisture or leaking of liquids due to its absorption qualities.

Recycled gypsum is used on farms and in gardens because of these properties.

Some common uses are lining livestock areas for horses and animals. It prevents the harmful growth of pathogens, which can make animals ill in the long term.

Gypsum is also added to the soil for similar reasons. It changes the qualities of the earth and also adds essential nutrients.

However, this is only the beginning, as used gypsum is incorporated as an additive to plastics, adhesives, cement, and sealants.

What Kind of Industries Does That?

Gypsum is used in many different industries including farming, livestock, building, manufacturing, and gardening.

It is a well-known source of nutrients, is absorbent, and is used as an additive. The use of gypsum has not changed significantly for thousands of years.

The only difference is our knowledge of its properties and its range of benefits.

Are the Materials Used After Crushing?

Gypsum is sorted into recyclables and refuse. Some of the gypsum may be unusable from building sites or other places.

The raw product is sorted from a conveyor belt along with useless parts.

The usable parts are crushed into a powder bought by factories, farms, and other commercial ventures that use it for many different purposes.


Which Machines are Used?

Trucks, excavators, and dozers are used for initial grading. Then, a giant conveyor belt and electromagnetic equipment are used for further sorting.

The manufacturing process of gypsum powder uses several specialized types of manufacturing equipment.