What Machines are Used to Recycle?

Recycling protects humans and the environment. The simple fact is that humans produce too much waste and that waste must go either into landfill or be used for something else.

There will always be things that cannot be used again or recycled. However, modern recycling can minimize waste which can pollute the areas people live in.

There are different machines used for recycling of different materials. Some examples are:


Crushing machines

There are different crushing machines for each material.

  • Recycling of glass wool
  • Recycling og gypsum waste and gypsum residue
  • Recycling of foodstuffs
  • Recycling of electronic waste
  • Recycling of wood waste


Bale openers

There are different bale openers for each material.

  • PET plastic
  • Paper and cardboard
  • plastic bottles

How can we help the environment by recycling?

Recycling means fewer pollutants in the rivers, lakes, and soil which must be preserved for humans to survive.

It also cuts down on the number of natural resources that we use to make some products in some cases. For example, using paper for cardboard products may result in fewer trees being cut down.


What are the typical things to recycle?

Many things can now be recycled from around the home or workplace. They can be recycled at a transfer station or be taken to other places for restoration or being prepared for reuse.

Items that are recycled but not necessarily taken to a transfer station include clothes, furniture, electrical items, batteries, and computers. However, these items are more difficult than rubbish items commonly used for food.

Add this to the normal garbage which can be recycled like plastics, paper, glass, aluminum, and other metals.

Most common things to reuse and recycle?

The most common things to reuse and recycle are common household pieces of rubbish such as plastics from water bottles.

Paper from cartons and glass from bottles are also recycled frequently. These items are usually disposed of and then taken to a recycling truck or transfer station.

Most items can be recycled in some form but there are some exceptions such as plastic bags and other plastics. Other difficult items to reuse and recycle include, oils, paints, and medical supplies.

As technology and expertise improve, it will result in more items being recycled and reused.

Can anything be recycled?

Some things are currently beyond being recycled on a large scale.

Despite many attempts to reuse plastic bags, it is still difficult to dispose of them completely and many end up in landfill.

The environmental challenges of plastic bags are well known and doing nothing about the plastic bag problem could result in an environmental disaster.

Some countries have banned plastic bags from being sold in stores or put a charge on them. However, there still needs to be widespread education about the plastic bag problem.