Recycling of glass wool

Glass wool is a manufactured borosilicate glass material made with a mixture of silica and sand.

After going through a curing process, it is fashioned into rolls or slabs and sold for the purpose of insulation.

Some people not familiar with the material often wonder what glass wool is used for.

It is primarily used for the interior and exterior insulation of homes and businesses.

The superfine wool can also be used to insulate pipelines from freezing, suspending ceilings, roof insulation, drywall insulation, and even soundproofing.

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Why is glass wool important?

  • It has non corrosive properties
  • There are no health risks associated with glass wool
  • The installation is easy and wool is lightweight
  • It consists of 80% recyclable materials
  • It thwarts rodent infestation and mold growth
  • Performs in temperatures up to 300 degrees F

Why is it important to recycle glass wool? Glass wool is environmentally friendly.

It can be used over and over again. Because the base is glass, it can be melted and recycled.

Other advantages of using glass wool:

  • It is cost-effective and saves on energy
  • It significantly reduces air and water pollution
  • It reduces landfill space
  • It reduces the amount of glass being filled in bins

A glass wool crusher – for recycling glass wool – ensures that wrapping and insulation materials are separated.

The crusher is able to crush materials to the desired size with few problems.


Advantages of a glass wool crusher

  • It can run 24/7 for large capacity crushes
  • It can be tailor made to fit the customer’s specific needs
  • Items go straight into the machine for problem free crushing
  • Machine is environmentally friendly and quiet
  • The crusher is giant and strong. It can work problem free for years.
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Purposes of glass wool

Glass wool serves a variety of purposes. It is important for purposes of insulating and preserving heat.

But it is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled for a number of uses.

While there are other applications available, most contractors and manufacturers agree that the benefits of glass wool far outweigh similar products.


If you are in need of glass wool for your home, call a qualified contractor for more information.

They can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Waste sorting it very important when it comes to recycling to get the best sustainable result.