Recycling Of Plasterboards


What are plasterboards, and can you recycle them?

Plasterboards are material from an inner layer of gypsum that is stuck securely between two outer layers of lining paper.

Plasterboard is used to make both ceilings and interior walls. Finding suitable plasterboard is essential for safety and using it for water and fire.

Plasterboards are one of the planet’s most used materials for buildings and homes, especially for interior wall and ceiling cover on most buildings and homes every year.


Plasterboard aids to create help builders with fire protection, thermal efficiency, and insulation. Plasterboard is also known as drywall or wall panels.

Plasterboards list aid to:

  • Its life span for a very long use
  • Creates a firm surface
  • The surface will not crack
  • Plaster is suitable to take away unwanted mold
  • Water-resistant
  • Reduces noise
  • Hides appearance when replaced on the wall


Plasterboard with an increased thickness is the primary use for damage within a building or home that protects against noise and insulation against rooms and ceilings.

Why Is It Important To Recycle Plasterboards?


You can recycle plasterboards because it is considered flawed but not harmful to the environment.

Although it is not harmful waste, the material of plasterboards should be placed only in certain landfill areas where eco-friendly waste is accepted.

When recycled, it makes excellent use by the plasterboard business to produce new plasterboard and create a helpful resalable product.

What Machines Are Used To Recycle Plasterboards?

Most people use “Shredding Waste Plasterboard” since it can cut back on your budget costs on a particular project.

The “Shredding Waste Plasterboard” recycles plasterboard materials that are either wet material, dirty, or have missing parts.

This machine can also recover almost ninety percent of a gypsum waste stream while fixing the issues of high moisture substances, so a good amount of high-quality product will meet a customer’s needs.

The 7-SHRED JWC can recycle plasterboard. They aid factories in reusing waste by grinding up the boards, which will allow it to be recycled back into new drywall.

Regardless, they can take out any material if dry or wet. The JWC is the most potent grinder that switches slowly and creates high twisting for a quick grinding job.

This machine can take out large drywall sheets before turning them into small pieces and is ideal for bulk projects.

This machine also comes in handy if someone needs one to rent for a limited time.